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Baby Mangrove Monitor Viv For Sale (Devon)

I've got a cb 11 mangrove monitor for sale. genuine reason i just dont have the time he needs. He was born around febuary 2011, really nice markings, he has never shown any aggression, but he is very fast and scared. he's eating well on locust, fluffs and whit bait.
Sale includes:

Mangrove monitor
custom made viv approx 4x2x2
heat matt
large water bowl
heat light
uvb light
rocks, bark and other decor
whatever food i have at point of sale including large bag of fluffs

I made the viv myself and im a qualified bench joiner so its far better quality than anything you can buy. it has 2 different platforms for climbing and a built in water bowl large enough for him to swim in. this sale is collection only from Torquay, Devon. I dont come on here often so feel free to make me a sensible offer via e-mail. [email protected]

i can alsosend you pics via email.
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