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Hi all

Previously acquired an albino royal who had an RI, She is now been treated for it. She has definitely Improved, Symptoms are now almost non existent.

She hasn't eaten since I've had her, now just over one month.

Now to the other problem

6 days ago she went blue, 4 days ago started to shed (just got rid of the skin on her head including eye caps), I thought by the morning she would have got rid of the lot which wasn't the case. Not another piece of skin was shed. So I decided to leave her that day and the next to see if anything would change, and not much, just a few pieces of skin. Last night and this morning I bathed her in warm-hot water. And aided in removing the skin. Getting it off in patches, quite a bit, though quite a bit still remains.

She is in a 50L RUB which is inside a viv with a ceramic and heat mat both on stats.
Cool End 85 degrees, warm 92 degrees. Have it this warm because of RI.

She has a piece of wood and a kind of rough water bowl, its a decorative rock water bowl. Aspen as substrate. A damp hide(added when she went blue) which she spends most of her time in. Humidity is at 60 and goes to 70 Max as i don't want the humidity very high(RI)

My questions are have I done wrong by aiding the shed by pulling it off, now i didn't force it of, I just put some pressure by pressing my thumb under the skin and pushing up taking the skin with me. I have left the skin that is not very loose.

Should I continue to do this or.... ?

Could this bad shed be due to the RI ?

Thanks for reading and any help is greatly appreciated

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I would increase the humidity in the humid hide a bit. High humidity actually helps break up some of the congestion of an RI. How is the humidity in the rest of the enclosure with the ceramic?

But you could just give her a nice 15 minute soak in 86f water inside another rub - this lets you get the huymidity through the roof while only using water deep enough to go half way up her side. Supervise to make sure she is ok obviously though.

Most of the skin should be removeable at that point and I would try and get it all off.

On the plus side she has already got rid of the skin on her head which is usually the worst bit to remove as mine hate having their heads messed with. :whip:

In fact I usually put them in a damp pillowcase to see if they get the head started on their own if I have a bad shedder.

dr del
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