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I've recently had a similar problem with my sub adult spotted python:

Thankfully he's just started eating small rat weaners (the size he should be on). To this day I have absolutely no idea what happened, he used to eat the correct size with no problem but all of a sudden he was scared of anything bigger than a mouse pinky!

Patience obviously pays off here, it was so frustrating!

Best piece of advice I got was just as the pinky is going down, whilst his mouth is still open, place a tiny rat pup just in front of his lips, if he seems hesitant slowly wriggle it from side to side.if that seems to put him off, don't do it again but still try offer the rat pup straight after he's eaten the pinky.
I found that when my spotted ate a pinky, it would put him in the mood for food but he was still hesitant, eventually we got there!

To this day I still have no idea why my python refused to eat anything but pinkies, I'm also still curious for more input and I wish you the best of luck with this!

Ps just realised you mentioned he regurgitates on larger food, my previous post almost seems pointless now! Lol. I'd suggest getting him checked over at the vet.
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