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I have read in numerous places that Musk turtles do not need to have a basking area as they rarely come up to bask. I have made sure that there is something he can sit on to lift his head out of the water, but he very rarely leaves the bottom of the tank.

He has a UV light (even though it's apparently not needed for musks, I figured it would help his shell growth and he had pond weed in the tank), but no basking lamp. Is this fine? Or do I still need to provide my musk with a basking light and area even though he rarely comes up.

Often, he swims up to the top (ignoring that he has things to climb up and sit on to help him), sticks his nose out of the water for a few seconds then goes back down.

I also want to check that his temp is okay. He has a submersable heater and the aquarium thermometer usually reads between 24 C and 28 C - is this okay? I read that it was, but I want to make sure.
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