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Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances, I am having to move on all my snakes. It has nothing to do with any of the snakes, basically, I have recently lost my job so unfortunately will not be able to afford the snakes, dogs and cat that I have.
I have a male (apparently proven, but not with me), hes about 5 foot long. Lovely temperament, he is hissy, and hes struck once but hes never bitten, and the reason he struck was because it was feeding night. Now hes only fed a couple of times with me, but for the past few months has refused feeds. I dont know why and will be trying him on chicks and different animals, before this turns into a lecture, the temps are fine, and ive had enough experience to try and get snakes feeding to last me a lifetime with litters of dumerils.
Hes currently in a 4 foot viv which you can take FOC but to be honest, he does need a new viv as this one is falling apart.
I paid alot more than im selling him for but I would love for enquiries to be no one under 18 years of age, no one without experience of snakes.
Im asking £100 for him.. Hes a very beautiful snake.. He was initially sold to me as a nicaraguan.. :devil: And to be honest, he has those colourings anyway, he doesnt look like a normal boa constrictor. But seeing as I have no paperwork proving any of this, im only asking £100. I will add a link where you can find pictures. PM me or text 07916078417 for more details


Candace : victory:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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