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:grouphug: Hi i am putting this up for my manager i tell ya i get roped into this for all close people lol :D
shes heard me going on about my reptiles and her son went into the reptile shop today and they priced up a set up with a beardy but tbh i said id have ago on here first see what was out there as i seem to come across alot of people trying to rehome.

So i told her to hold it off and ill see what response i get on here.

So i am looking for a baby or young beardy with set up or young beardys on there own around rugeley area ws152ng as she doesnt drive id have to collect so dont want to travel to far :d .. x

If you only have babies for sale let me no as she could buy set up seperatly but if set up is included let me no i think shes lookin around the 100 pound mark push to 150 perhaps xxxx l

cheers let me know what u have for sale :D and ill pass it on :D xxx
1 - 4 of 4 Posts