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BEARDED DRAGONs for sale Sand-fire (red-gold) x Citrus
All healthy and eating dusted crickets + a variety of 12/14 Different Veg & Salad. Sand-fire (red-gold) x Citrus so lovely colourings already All are perfect in every way & better cared for than any local pet shop. All eating, pooing & shedding. Vivs are cleaned out every day. I have over 9 years experience at breeding these with a 100% success rate time after time... All of my dragons are well cared for. They are fed fresh Salad/veg every morning and then Nutrobal dusted crickets 3 times daily. They have fresh water daily. All dragons are in the best of health and handled on a regular basis. They are spot cleaned constantly and vivs are all cleaned with disinfectant regular.I offer after-care and information as required. FREE Food chart will be given with every order. £15 - £25 each (Depending on age & Qty)
Collection only..
More pictures available...


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