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Think you may be correct Jebb. I don't venture over to [email protected] if I can help it. So many online places do it better and cheaper.

But I swear someone said it went from 3 for £6, to 4 for £7.
Either way, if ya wanting to try other food, it's not a bad price all.

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As you said Guvnor it was 3 for £6 and it is now 4 for £7, certainly a good price if you want to try out locust with out spending too much. Also try HERE for cheap roaches to add to your colony. Go to dubia roaches, select the amount you want and because of the mix and match deal you get them for a lot cheaper than it shows. £19.50(saving of £52.50) for 240 adult roaches is a great deal and then feed off any extra males you get.
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