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I mean; Would You put a Wasp in ye mouth ....?

But, we know that, because we've been stung by one of the psychopathic little pieces of faeces. Not an experience one soon forgets, right?

But, here's a very true little anecdote. It showed, to me, how amazing nature is. Even in these modern, city bound times. Even more so, how deeply ingrained in the genome some things must be.

I had a 'Pit Bull'. I wouldn't say an American Pit Bull. Because that could lead to WW3, with some youngster who happens to have known someone who ..... It would also be untrue. Because, my Dog was out of Irish Dogs. From those that simply never left. Anyway .....

Reason I mentioned all that BS was to make it crystal clear that This Dog had never encountered Any black and yellow things, beyond maybe a wasp.

Forty pounds of velvet and steel. That Dog didn't hesitate to bring the 'Power Saw Effect' to Anything, twice his weight or more. He just didn't care. Get in his face? Lose yours. That was Seb'.

And, one day, I'm sat there, in my arm chair. I'm quietly reading a book (About amphibians, most likely!) When something makes me look down, to my right.

It's a bright and sunny summers day. There's Seb', right beside my chair. Coat shining. Muscles rippling. Feet planted squarely. Either side of what's got his undivided attention.

One of my 'Fire Salamanders' had got out. It had, somehow, flopped to the floor. Made its way around the carpet. And been intercepted by Sebby. Death Bringer.

Yet, even my own little four legged sawn off shotgun knew not to so much as sniff at this casually strolling, brightly black and yellow thing. Just appeared out of the ether. Mincing around the carpet. Four inches of Too Risky!
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