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Bluetongues are not fussy eaters, but they should still get a balanced meal.
I vitamise chicken livers, lamb kidneys and beef heart with a slop of Cod Liver Oil.
Into the resulting paste I mix a can of creamed corn and a can of peas and carrot mix. This is seperated into portions and frozen.
When I feed, I defrost a portion and thoroughly mix in a raw egg and twice as much by volume of finely chopped Bok Choi greens, some finely chopped tomato and some grated carrot.
They also get a few earthworms and mealworms every few days.
I feed the offal meats and Cod Liver Oil because, although the skinks have a UVB light, I believe these organs are most likely to contain Vitamin D3.

Heating is not an issue where I am but I still provide them with heat as they obviously enjoy it. I zigzag a 15w Heat Chord held with silicone between two 1' x 1' ceramic tiles. This is placed on flat rocks to provide a hide about 3" high beneath the tiles and a basking area on top. The cage is glass fronted timber with a wire top, 8' x 2' x 3' and a heated set of tiles is set at each end, with further basking rocks (cool) in the middle. The skinks are not aggressive toward each other, but I prefer to allow them seperate territories just in case.

The best Bluetongue Care Sheet I know of is:
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