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Unfortunately, I must rehome my Boa Constrictor as I can no longer afford to care for her as much as she needs in time, and in money.

Her sheds measure around 7 feet long, she sheds well, eats/defecates properly and is tame. Delilah has not been around any other snakes since she was very young but we have not known her to show any signs of aggression.
Delilah needs someone who can afford to buy her a much larger tank, and someone who has the time to give her the care she needs.

Although Delilah has been handled since birth and is very well behaved, she much prefers to be left on her own to explore her tank and cuddle in a blanket.

She had minor burns when we got her, and has lost the tip of her tail due to bad shedding. Her shedding schedule has now sorted out, and she sheds clear every time.

In general:
Eats every two weeks
Sheds every five weeks
Poops five days after eating
Likes to be left alone
Likes blankets
Does NOT strike feed/constrict
Extra pictures and details can be supplied

No set price as no equipment comes with her- offers welcome.
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