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I know I know, this is technically a classified but for all those rep lovers who don't look on the classifieds section I know you will love these books I'm selling on 'the bay',

These books are amazing and all people that own them having nothing but praise for them. They are quite rare and impossible to pick up for less than £125 so what ever these end up going for will be a bargain and really usefull to all rep lovers. they have everything on genetics, health care desease and other problems, breeding, seriously the 3 books covers so much.

sorry mods as I know this is sort of a for sale ad but I know all you forum lovers will use these books alot more than I have.

only 2 hours left so please have a look, read reviews on amazon or google it and make a bid. :flrt:

The Biology, Husbandry and Health Care of Reptiles on eBay, also, Reptiles, Pet Supplies, Home Garden (end time 02-Jun-08 15:06:23 BST)


han x
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