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We have the above looking for new homes, all do what they are supposed to!

The Bosc is approximately 18" long at the moment. Unsexed but is a lovely lizard when out the tank. Can sometimes be a little viv defensive but this will go as long as the effort is continued to be put in. £40

The Basilisk is probable female. She hasn't got any signs of crests. She is a character! Doesn't really like people very much, viv defensive and will run away, so needs to go to an experienced home. Came to me with a broken tail, she has lost the tip and has a section at the end that needs an eye kept on it during sheds as it doesn't always shed very well, but otherwise healthy. £50

The Fire skink is a stunning specimen, very shy and very fast. Unsexed. £50

I will add pictures later, PM me for more info/ pictures. Collection Eastleigh/Southampton area, may be able to deliver for petrol (depending on where) Travel to Basingstoke frequently so can always arrange meeting somewhere. : victory:
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