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Personally, I wouldn't.
The female invests a lot of energy into the process, and usually stops feeding part way through gestation, simply because there is no space for food. Getting weight back on after laying is a gradual process. So much so that some breeders will only breed each female every other year.
If you have no interest in breeding snakes then I would be concerned that you would not put the time and work in that's needed to do so safely. The female needs to be in top condition, should be over wintered first, and have a suitable laying site in the enclosure.
Even with all of these in place there is still a risk of egg binding. This can be a life threatening situation.
I see no benefit in mating snakes, with the potential risks involved, just for the sake of it.
Huge numbers of people keep single snakes with no interest or intentions of breeding, those snakes do very well.
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