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.....just to add some balance to the thread - if it is the goal of all life forms to pass on their genes, is denying them this denying them an essential part of their 'purpose' on this earth?

Is denying them the opportunity to mate - regardless of what you do with the young because as far as the female (and the male) is concerned they have fulfilled their purpose in life - the same as denying them exposure to other life events, stresses and strains?
I don't disagree with anything above, nor indeed with you, : victory:, but following this logic then surely disposing of the fertile eggs/babies, who after all, did not "ask" to be created at the whim of a keeper, is denying them an essential right to life? :whistling2:
It's a bloody minefield. :lol2:

I've never bothered breeding mine and they've seemed ok. Even getting slugs stressed me out a bit though! :blush:
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