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urgent sale needed to fund vet bills for my dog who has had a leg amputation due to bone cancer
im selling my much loved pair of adult royals which i have owned for around 8yrs and who have bred for me in the past the male is 1.5kg and female 2.5kg they are both in exellent health and feed well on defrost im looking for £250 for the snakes alone or £350 with a 4ft wide over 2.5ft deep and 18inch high vision vivarium which is also in good condition i reaally dont want to sell these at all but due to vet bills i have no choice no offers or time wasters as i have paid the vet on credit card and need to pay off asap im no good at this computer stuff so i have the photos im my album which you can view

please note the pic shows me only using a heat mat but this isnt the case PM me for more details

no swaps no offers but i may split the snakes if good offer

regards Graeme
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