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Hi all,

i have kept geckos for about 1 year now. I have a few questions for breeding so hope you all can help!!!

1) I have 3 geckos (females) weighting 58.7g, 50.1g, and 48.7g, would all of these be sexually mature and would they be ready for breeding at this weight??
2) When a male is placed in with them, if he wiggles his tail like a powermotor, does the women do the same before they do the business???
3)Do you have to have UV lighting and pre conditioned temps for successful breeding??
4) Does it matter which viv you place the geckos in ?? i.e male into females or femlaes into males???



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Weight is not a sign of maturity

Females mature around 9 to 12 months. Males at around 8/9 months.

Due to the stress the female is put under when producing eggs, the general rule is not to breed any female less than 50g. A lot go for 60g, myself included. Its not nice to see your one fat and healthy females looking a bit worse for ware.

The male vibrates his tale real fast. this is a male trate only. If the other gecko done the same, the male would assume it was a male and attack it to protect his own breeding rights. The females tale behaves differnently depending on how she feels. If she wants to mate, often her tail will point upwards in a display, or she will simply submit to the male with very little wagging ! If she is not up for it, she will use it to swipe the male away.

Breeding temps are the same as normal, some like to cool in the winter months, I just find this slows down the eating, So I dont cool. UV is not needed at all with leos. Some leading breeders have reported better colours and breeding results with UV, some have reported eye damage !

I always place the female in with the male as the male has total supremacy in his own viv, and the female picks up on this and helps induce mating.

Hope that helps
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