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Well, I went to Coldblooded last week to get a new uv tube and log for my bearded dragon and came back with three baby smooth sided toads, as you do :lol2: At the moment they're probably about 4cm snout-vent and feeding on small crickets, but as they're all kept in the same tank, I was wondering what would be the best way to know how much food to give them as I know some crickets are taking refuge in the corkbark in their tank. At the moment I have just been checking that they are all plump and I was planning to seperate if one is not putting on weight/growing at a slower rate than the others.
So if anyone has any tips on raising such small toadlets, I'd really appreciate the help and also if anyone knows of any information on the growth rates of the species?

Thanks, Animalmadrew:2thumb:
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