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PVC or Perspex Or Glass? Is there any other potions avaliable?

Hello to all... I am currently turning two sets of wardrobes into one big viv stack. They will b turned on their sides, and one split into 2 (one 4x3x2 and one 2x3x2) < one wardrobe (and four 3x2x2's,<other wardrobe -6 in total. just wondering about the frontages? Would PVC be the same as Perspex? Is it toxic?Will it melt with the lights?
Just wondering if anyone has got PVC sheets as a glass substitute? Or would Perspex sheets or Polycarbonate sheets be better??
I was thinking 4mm aswell, so as its not too heavy?
Just a little bit of advice is all i need, and to know whether anyone has got PVC as glass in their set-ups?
thanks! Samx
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