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Captive Bred Burmese Beauty Millipedes (Spirostreptus sp.)

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Their vivid orange and green colouration make the Burmese Beauty one of the more attractive millipede species.

Contrary to the name, this species originate from Tanzania in Africa.

They are an active species, especially in the evenings, and require plenty of climbing surfaces.

They have relatively easy care requirements and as such make an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced keepers alike.

I have unsexed, sub-adults available.

Millipede Price:

1 x Sub-adult: £4
10 x Sub-adult: £35

P&P: £9 (next day delivery)

Please note:

Orders or enquiries must be via PM.

(This thread will not be monitored.)

Please remember to research any animal before you buy.
This is best for the animal and ultimately best for you too as you will avoid unwelcome surprises!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks for looking!
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