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** CAGES x 3 ** Zoozone & Accessories / Plastic Dwarf Hamster or Mice / Bird Parrot

3 Cages for sale as priced ovno, photos attached.
Collection from Alvaston Derby DE248RH.

ZOOZONE ONE (Plastic indoor Cage) + ACCESSORIES
Blue based Zoozone, the side clips no longer lock. Has small crack - cosmetic. Neither these things ever been an issue. Also includes...Green shallow litter tray. New litter scoop/scraper. Ceramic food dish. Deep Red litter tray. Pair of small animal nail scissors/cutters. 3x pieces Vet Bed (2 Gray 1 Green - been washed but some itty bits of hay remain) 2x Pink double food dishes (supposedly for cats but found ideal for G.pigs) Plus a hay rack - doesn't fit in this cage and one hook is missing but was fine used cable-tied onto hutch front and the side of an indoor run.

See photos. £25 the lot.

2 level enclosed plastic Dwarf Hamster/Mouse cage.
Usual gnawing to bars - had loose bar but fixed with bolt nut + washers and is secure.
Includes wheel and food bowl. Water bottle slots into platform - takes a regular or mouse size bottle.

£10. See photo.
(Can include a pair of baby Female mice if wanted :thumb:)

Bird cage, Cockatiels or small parrot.
OR as a outside with you cage for larger parrot Grey etc.
Does have some staining and paint flaking. Handle to top, 2 slide doors one at each end.

£15 See photos.


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