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(Stupid question ahead, concerned green owner.)

The restraunt/club beneath my flat closed recently and is currently being remodeled into a new buffet, which has resulted in a lot of banging, drilling and scraping. None of the vivs are attached to the wall and they sit on a desk which itself is not attached or flush with the wall (skirting gets in the way).

For the last few days I've noticed that our two (apparently) year old Amel Corn girl is fairly active in the day, which is unusual for us as none of our snakes are particularly curious during light-hours. This morning she's been pressing her nose against the viv door panes, especially at the one side where there's a millimetre gap (I don't know why that is, I'm guessing the glass is poorly seated) and has cleared a small section of the substrate through constant movements.

So, is this normal for a snake given the circumstances? We've had her just over a month so she may have just "settled in" - none of the younger, smaller snakes are behaving like she is, though we're not seeing them at night as often as before the work started.

And yeah, we have really thin walls in this building. It was quite disturbing to hear wallpaper being gently scraped off.
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