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Only just got these, they're fantastic, active snakes but......
I need some cash quick so last in, first out i'm affraid:sad:

They are in A1 condition and have both fed a couple of days ago. They have not shed in the week that i have had them.

Please please note: Unless you are seriously interested in buying them, please do not post comments, suggestions, compliments, good lucks or anything like that.
I'd like to keep this thread plain and simple for real buyers.

They are not ready to breed this season but may next year.
They have very different husbandry requirements to normal kings so do your research!: victory:

I shall not answer questions on husbandry as i believe if you are interested in these snakes then you should read up on them before contacting me.

I have all the time in the world for potential buyers but none for dreamers.:Na_Na_Na_Na:

£100 the pair!!!
COLLECTION ONLY unless you live less than 10 miles from Coalville, Leicestershire.:2thumb:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts