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I am selling my Hognose due to a change in personal circumstances.

He is a captive bread 2009 Green Hypo Western Hognose snake. He comes with a Medium (34") Vivexotic Viva Vivarium with cabinet, heat mat & thermostat, lighting, decoration & hides with thermometers & water bowl.

Hognoses are very characterful snakes who have an upturned snout used to tunnel, and this one likes to show his (not so good) climbing skills. He has not yet been placed with a female but i'm sure he could give some colourful babies.

Very easy to care for...use aspen bedding, feed weekly with a small mouse (frozen), always supply fresh water & clean habitat regularly. Further information can be found on the internet. Google "western hognose care-sheets".

This is a reluctant sale due to a change in my circumstances.

£150 (ono).

Please contact me if you wish to know more.
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