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as knighty has said I have a wood viv with glass doors, but i have very poor heat retention and lots of through draughts, so my large vents are enough to circulate the air, and still enable heat retention....just!!

i haven't ever witnessed aggressive behaviour or stressed behaviour towards the glass, and the way one of the females sometimes sits and watches what i'm up to, and when i walk to the viv, gets ready to climb onto my hand, i'm not even sure if there is much reflection...if i was smaller, i could climb in and check!!

so i don't really know the answer, except that my lot seem ok with glass doors....maybe its because they have natural light coming through into the viv at all times (not direct sunlight....) when the lights are on.....or in winter the room is generally lit

one of my females actually goes to the glass (sometimes), as she likes running water drips, instead of drips hanging off leaves, and she licks the drips as they run down the glass....she leaves lots of tongue marks on the glass...which looks funny....makes it hard for me to keep the glass clean and mist free....
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