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Coast to Coast Exotics, 124 North Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 2EJ.
TEL; 01325 283756. FAX; 01325 255060 E-MAIL; [email protected]

Welcome to our new animal stock list. As always, there are additions and deletions as stock comes and goes. We usually manage to replace most species as they sell, but if you don’t see what you require keep popping back for a look. Its been a busy time over the past few weeks, with record sales. We have managed to replace some of the stock sold out, but as Kevin has been out of the country we have not had much new stock in, and with sales so good we are looking a little depleted! We are on a large buying trip next week and will rectify this for the next list. The Corn snakes from Serpenco have been selling very well, and we are already sold out of some morphs. A second shipment this year may be possible to replace stock sold out, but we cannot guarantee this.

These are the animals we had in stock in our shop in Darlington on the current date. Please remember we only sell animals (apart from inverts and spiders) to customers that can collect from the shop, we do not sell animals on the net, nor by any form of mail order. We care about the animals we sell and worry too much about their welfare to do this! Please visit this page often - we endeavour to update frequently. If you have a specific wants list contact us and we will do our best for you. Although this list is compiled with care and vast herpetological experience we accept that mistakes and errors can happen. We welcome any suggestions.

Current 5th September 2006

Boas and Pythons (Boidae)

Grown on Hogg Isle boas CtCB (Boa constrictor spp). Excellent smaller Boa constrictor species. £150
Hatchling Hogg Isle boas CtCB (Boa constrictor spp.). Not long hatched, ready for sale once feeding. £100
Common boa Grown on CB (Boa constrictor spp.). Nicely started. £120
Common boa Hatchling CB (Boa constrictor spp.). Nice and sturdy. £95
Kenyan Sand Boas CB (Gongylophis colubrinus loveridgei). Small boa species that live under sand. £95
Hatchling Kenyan Sand boas CB (Gongylphis colubrinus loveridgei). Limited number. £79.95
Hatchling Brazilian Rainbow Boas CtCB (Epicrates cenchria cenchria). Get them quick! £225
Adult Madagascan Tree boas CB (Sanzinia madagascarensis). Very rarely offered for sale, even now. Complete with CITES and chipped. £595
Hatchling Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota) CF . Not many offered for sale nowadays. £95.00
Grown on Irian Jaya Carpet pythons (Morelia spilota variegata). Small amount this time. £195
Hatchling Carpet pythons CB (Morelia spilota cheynei). Parents known to us, they are nice examples. £145
Adult Royal Pythons CF (Python regius). Great pets, or even possible breeders £150
Grown on Macklotts pythons CB (Liasis macklotti). Not offered for sale very often. £120
Blood pythons CB (Python curtis brongersmai ). Lovely little specimens £175
West African Sand Boas WC (Gongylophis muelleri). Rarely offered for sale. Adults, great for breeding. £150

RATSNAKES (Elaphe and related)

Adult Carolina Corn snake CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Great pet or breeder £79.95
Adult Amelanistic Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Good for pets or breeders. £79.95
Sub-adult Amelanistic Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Fancy a go at being a Corn snake breeder? £79.99
Grown on Ghost Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). One of my favourite morphs! £59.95
Grown on Amelanistic Corn snake CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Just that little bit started! £59.95
Sub-adult Carolina Corn snake CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Nice colours. £79.95
Grown on Carolina Corn snake CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Started for you. £59.95
Grown on Great Plains Ratsnake CB (Pantherophis emoryi). Started off for you. £59.99
Hatchling Ghost Corn snakes CtCB. (Pantherophis guttatus). My personal favourite of the colour morphs. Usually are grey background with lilac saddles. £59.99
Hatchling Carolina Corn snakes CtCB. (Pantherophis guttatus). The classic. £34.99
Hatchling Amelanistic Corn snakes CtCB. (P. guttatus). Lacks in black pigment, leaves red and orange £39.99
Hatchling Mega Corn snakes CtCB. (Pantherophis emoryi x guttatus). Nice sturdy Corns. £34.95
Hatchling Snow Corn snakes CtCB (Pantherophis guttatus). Strawberry Snows, white with pale pink saddles £49.99
Hatchling Creamsicle Corn snakes CTCB (Pantherophis guttatus x emoryi) Stunning snakes once adult. £59.99
Hatchling Amber Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £79.95
Hatchling Amel Milk snake phase Corn snakes CB (P guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £59.95
Hatchling Amel Striped Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £89.95*
Hatchling Butter Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £79.95
Hatchling Candy Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £79.95
Hatchling Caramel Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £49.95
Hatchling Charcoal Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £49.95
Hatchling Fluorescent Orange Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £59.95
Hatchling Crimson Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £59.95
Hatchling Lavender Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £79.95
Hatchling Miami het Crimson Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £49.95
Hatchling Opal Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £89.95
Hatchling Pewter Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £150
Hatchling Silver Queen Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £59.95
Hatchling Sunkissed Corn snakes CB (Pantherophis guttatus). Serpenco bred, need we say more? £59.95
Hatchling Black (Anerythristic) Corn snakes CtCB (Pantherophis guttatus). Nice grey / silver and black. £39.99
Hatchling Candy Corn snakes CtCB (Pantherophis guttatus). Very variable, if you want best examples buy the Serpenco examples (at dearer price) £59.99
Hatchling Amur Ratsnake CB (Elaphe anomola). Once often seen for sale, not so now. £44.95
We would like to bring the following point to your attention:1. Colour morphs in Corn snakes has now got to a level, way beyond what could have been comprehended a few years ago. Presently there are nearly 200 colour / pattern variations (maybe more when combined!) and, as the majority are man-made they are very subjective. Some of the differences are also very small. What one person describes as a particular colour morph, another person will see something very different. Also, many Corn snake hatchlings look so radically different to when they are adult it is impossible to judge what they will look like later in life. For this reason we only describe the different morphs to the best of our ability and suggest that you firstly visit to make sure that you are buying what you require, and secondly keep in mind that when he/she grows up there may be some variation from the “perfect” example banded around on the various internet sites and in books.


Hatchling Pueblan Milksnakes CB (Lampropelts triangulum campbelli). The original! £79.95
Hatchling Nelsons Milksnakes CB (Lampropeltis triangulum nelsoni). Similar to Sinaloans £79.95
Hatchling Chihuhua Kingsnake CB05 (Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblochi). Nicely banded. £150.00
Grown on Sinaloan Milksnakes CB (Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae). One only, nice snake. £125
Adult Apricot Pueblan Milksnake CB (Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli). Originally produced by us. £150
Adult Goines Kingsnake (Lampropeltis floridana “goini”). Not see for sale much nowadays £95


Grown on Black Pine snake CB (Pitouphis melanoleucus lodingi) Poor mans Indigo, not offered much now. £130


Sub-adult Dwarf Caiman LTC (Paleosuchas palpebrosus). Eventually grow to about 1.5m long, about 1 meter long now. Poa

GECKOS (Geckonidae)

Grown on Blazing Blizzard Leopard geckos CB (Eublepharus macularius). One of the newer morphs. £90
Hatchling Leopard geckos CB (Eublepharus macularius).The one to begin with - very easy to maintain. £39.95
Hatchling Blizzard Leopard geckos CB (Eublepharus macularius). Nice colour morph £54.95
Hatchling Leucistic Leopard geckos CB (Eublepharus macularius). Still a popular colour morph £54.99
Adult Albino Leopard geckos CB (Eublepharus macularius) Lovely colour phase at a good price £80.00
Fat tail geckos CB (Hemitheconyx Caudicinctus). Alternative to Leopard geckos. £49.95
African Clawed geckos (Holodactylus africanus). Nice little geckos £26.95
Desert Banded geckos WC (Coleonyx variegates). Like mini Leopard geckos to keep. £34.95
Crested geckos CB (Rhacodactylus ciliatus). Characterful little lizards, but perhaps best suited to intermediate keepers? £69.99
Mossy New Caledonian geckos CB (Rhacodactlys chahoua). These are gorgeous to the extreme! £180
Green-eyed gecko WC (Gekko schmidtii). Very pretty geckos not brought into UK much. £59.95
Halmahera Giant gecko WC (Gecko vorax) Are you into Uraplatus / Rhacodactylus? You should see these! £79.95
Tokay geckos WC (Gecko gecko). Mind your fingers! Pretty, and not brought into UK much now. £19.95
Banded Velvet geckos WC (Homopholis fasciatus). Really pretty species £27.95
Palm geckos LTC (). Great community species. £16.95
Baby Chinese Cave Gecko (Goniuorosaurus lichtenfelderi) Rare species, absolutely stunning as babies. £59.99
Eastern Australian Barking geckos CB (Underwoodisaurus milli). These were once so expensive! £100

SKINKS (Scincidae)

Mollucan Blue Tongue Skink CB (Tiliqua spp.) One only, with feisty temperament! £100.00
Juvenile Blue Tongue skinks CB (Tiliqua spp.). Special prices for these. £69.95
Red Sided Skinks WC (Mabuya perrotetii) Stunning amount of red. £24.95
Sandfish skinks WC (Scincus scincus) Secretive and remain hidden, but when you do see them – real cuties! £11.95
Berber skinks LTC (Novoeumeces schneideri). Excellent little skinks, very character and pretty. £24.95

MONITORS (Varanidae)

Spiny Tail monitors (Varanus acanthurus). Great little monitors, characterful and similar size to Beardies £265.00
Rough Neck monitor (Varanus rudicollis). Grow quite large, only for experienced keepers £225.00

AGAMIDS (Agamidae)

Adult Dab lizards LTC (Uromastyx acanthinurus) Separating our breeding group, only one left now. £200
Asian (Green) Water Dragons CF (Physignathus cocincinus). Great pet species. £49.95
Hatchling Bearded Dragons CtCB (Pagona vitticeps). Bred by Coast to Coast. Good quality cute hatchlings. £69.95
Adult male Bearded Dragons CB (Pagona vitticeps). Ready for breeding soon, or just good pets £150
Dwarf Shield tail Agamas CB (Xenoagama taylori). Very rarely offered in UK – incredible cuties! £225.00
Juvenile Egyptian Dab lizards CB (Uromastyx aegypticus). Grow to be the biggest of the family £195.00
Frilled Dragons CB (Chlamydosaurus kingii). Real cuties – one of my faves. £195

IGUANIDS (Iguanidae)

Adult Male and female Green Iguana CF. (Iguana iguana). We no longer sell this species. They are not suitable as household pets. Please contact your local reptile rescue centre. You will find that most centres only require a small donation and usually have plenty to re-home.
Desert Iguanas WC (Dipsosaurus dorsalis). Top condition after a full summer of feeding! Great for the start of a breeding group, in fact I would do a deal on all of them to a breeder – its about time these were CB! £79.95


Green lizards CB (Lacerta viridis) Impressive lizards that are rarely offered for sale. £49.95
Crocodile lizards CB (Shinisaurus crocodilurus). Totally and utterly stunning – we keep these ourselves! £295
Baby Yemens Chameleon CB (Chameleo calyptratus). One male. £100
Eyed Lizard CB (Lacerta lepida). One only, very impressive male – hand tame! Almost as daft as a Beardie! £79.95
Percivals Legless lizards LTC (Acontias percivali). Rare in the UK, had them a few times now. Easy to keep £39.95


Juvenile Yellow Foot tortoises CB (Geochelone denticulata) Very rarely offered for sale in the UK. £395.00
Red foot tortoises CB (Geochelone carbonaria). One only, nice size. £260.00
Horsefields tortoises CB (Testudo horsefieldi). Great pet tortoises. Special offer – lots to choose from. £195.00
Spur-thighed tortoises CB (Testude greaca). The classic pet tortoise. With CITES. About 4-5 inches long. £225.00
Hermanns tortoises CB (Testudo hermanni). The typical tortoise! About 3-4 inches long – not tiny last years £195
Baby Jardine River turtles CB (Emydura albertesi). Excellent little terrapins, very colourful with lots of reds and pinks. Bred here at Coast to Coast. £95


Adult Chile Rose tarantulas WC (Grammastola rosea). Great first pet spider. £19.99
Zebra tarantulas WC (Aphonopelma seemanni). Nice adults £24.95
Chacoan Mustard tarantulas CB (Grammostola aureostriata). Not offered for sale too often. £19.95
Spiderling Chile Rose tarantulas WC (Grammastola rosea). Grow your own pet spider! £5.95
Pink toe tarantulas WC (Avicularia avicularia). Nice pet species, can be fast moving. £24.95
Grown on Salmon Pink Goliath tarantulas CB (Lasiadora parahybana) Nicely started. £39.95
Red Knee tarantulas spiderlings CB (Brachypelma smithi). The classic! £15.99
Red Rump tarantulas CB (Brachypelma vagans). Always popular. £14.99
Grown on Cobalt Blue tarantula CB (Haplopelma lividum). Stunning species, but best left to experienced keepers - very secretive. £39.95
Venezualan Green Bottle Blue tarantulas CB (Chromatopelma cynopubescens). Incredibly beautiful spiders. £69.95
Costa Rican Red Leg tarantulas CB (Megaphobema robustom). Not offered for sale frequently £40
Indian Ornamental tarantulas CB (Peocilotheria regalis). One of the popular species – but best for collectors £29.95
Red Slate Ornamental tarantula CB (Poecilotheria rufiliata). Lovely species, not offered for sale too often. £40
Tawney Tarantulas WC (Hysterocrates spp.) Not sure of species, but they are nice! Probably best for experienced £19.95
Brazilian Red Rump Zebra tarantulas CB (Vitlius cristatus). Rarely seen for sale. £9.95
Pink Starburst tarantulas CB (Vitallus rosea). Nice species for the collector. £15.99
Thai Black tarantulas CB (H minax). Best left for more experienced spider keepers! £45
Brazilian Black and White tarantulas CB (Nhandu coloratovillosus). Very impressive spiders. £9.95
Silver Trap Door spiders WC (Ctenizidae spp.). Always sell well. £18.95
Tanzanian Tailless Whip Scorpions WC (Damon variegates) Very interesting to keep. £18.95
Adult Emperor Scorpions WC (Pandinus imperator). The best pet species. £24.99
Sub-adult Emperor Scorpions WC (Pandinus imperator). The best pet species. £18.99
African Mantids CB (Phodromantis centralis) Easy species. £12.95
Dead Leaf Mantid CB (Deroplatys dessicata) Popular mantid species £13.99
Empusid Mantids CB (Pseudoempusa pinnapovis). Unusual species. £13.99
Giant African Land snails CB. (Achatina spp) Brilliant unusual pet. £4.99
Cuban Burrowing Cockroaches CB (Byrsotria fumigata). Unusual species £4.95
Death Head cockroaches CB (Blaberus spp.). Bred by a Coast to Coast customer £4.95
Ghana Millipedes WC (Isulus spp.). Interesting pet, especially for the kids. £4.95
Various species of Stick insects CB. Great insect pet! £2.00
Hissing Cockroaches CB (Blaberus spp.). Loudest hissers in the west - probably £4.99
Hermit crab WC (Coenobita spp.). Great pets, remember they will need new shells as they grow! £8.99


Baby Whites treefrogs CB (Litorea caerulea). Best pet treefrog species. £11.99
Grown on Whites treefrogs CB (Litorea caerulea). Best pet treefrog species. £15.95
Adult Whites treefrogs CB (Litorea caerulea). Need large size quick? All the work done! £24.95
Desert treefrogs WC (litorea spp.). First time I have seen these. Need more work to key them to species. £19.95
Vietnam treefrogs (Microhyla spp.) Nice species, bit different to the run of the mill treefrogs. £14.95
Golden Flying treefrogs WC (Polypedates leucomystax). Have been building foam nests already! £19.95
Baby Golden Flying treefrogs WC (Polypedates leucomystax). Raely offered as captive born youngsters. £4.99
North American Treefrogs WC (Hyla cinerea). Easy to manage treefrogs £11.95
Striped Marbled Leg frog WC ((Amnirana galamensis) Believed to be the first time in the UK £24.95
Baby African Bullfrogs CB (Pyxicephalus adspersus) Mouth on legs, grow huge! £59.95
Baby Horned frogs CB (Ceratophrys spp). Very pretty. £24.95
Baby Albino Horned frogs CB (Ceratophrys spp). Great characters £26.95
False Tomato Frogs CB (Discophis guentheri). As the name sounds, a bit like a tomato! £26.95
Green toads LTC (Bufo viridis). From private collection. £9.95
Desert Dwarf toads WC (Bufo debilis). Great little toads – one of my faves! £15.95
Black Spined toads (Bufo melanostictus). One of my fave toads! £11.95
Oriental Fire Bellied toads CB (Bombina orientalis). Great as pets, ideal for beginners £9.95
Cameroon Clawed frogs CB (Silurana epitropicalis) Not seen these offered for sale in the UK before! £6.95
Surinam toads CB (Pipa pipa). The most bizarre toad ever. Fully aquatic. Neat breeding methods! £75
Reticulated Albino Clawed frogs CB (Xenopus laevis). Something a little different. £9.95
Mudskippers WC (Periophthalmus barbarus). OK, these are fish, not amphibians – but where else could we put them on the list! Direct from their big screen Guinness appearance! £12.95


African Dwarf Hedghogs CtCB01 (Atelerix albiventris). One of our "side-line" projects, after finding out how they tick we are now producing small amounts (there is usually a waiting list). These are easy to manage, very small and cute and have none of the flea and tick problems associated with our wild hedgehogs. Do not hibernate. Full care details are available. poa
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