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master_of_wishes said:
Hey again,for those of you who remember,we had a male collared who wasnt really eating and was very thin and lethargic,well its a month on and hes still with us,getting stronger by the day and is darting around the viv...only problem now is that he is more interested in eating meal worms than anything else,wont even look at a cricket,any ideas on how to get him off the meal worms ond onto crickets etc?
I'm so glad he's better!!! Almost everyone I know that keeps collareds both here and over in America have had fatalities this year, it is really is encouraging to hear someone has had a success in nursing someone back to health.

They're SO bizarre when it comes to dinner time, my Westerns dont eat hoppers, they chew them and spit them out, and the Easterns dont really go for wax worms unless they havent been fed for a few days. Neither the Easterns or Westerns will eat mealworms, so I have to feed the Westerns crickets and wax worms, and the greenies have hoppers, with the odd large cricket.

If I were you I'd let him go hungry for 36 hours and feed him something that will stumulate him, maybe try medium hoppers (they seem to get excited by large food that jumps about), then maybe move to big crickets. A long term diet of meal worms only is said to cause digestive problems because of the hard exoskeleton. Either way, I have found that feeding every other day stimulates them more because they are actually HUNGRY when you put the live food in. Rather than picking the odd random item that wanders past they actively seek out anything that moves, in doing this I have found usually the greenies will eat waxies, and the brownies will eat hoppers, though being the spoilt monsters they are I do feed them what they seem to like most with the other stuff thrown in occasionally as a treat.

Just a suggestion, though I sympathise because it took me a while to figure mine out, they're so different in what they like and dont like.
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