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Hi there im selling off some unused equipment. I have the following:

Exo-Terra Compact top (dual top that fits a 45cube) with 2x Exo terra compact bulbs 2.0UVB - £10

Exo Terra Medium Glow Light Porcelain Bulb Holder with 100w Ceramic heat bulb - £12

Exo Terra Light Bracket (for suspending the wire light or glow light) - £5
Please note this has been used so the adhesive pads are not as sticky as they were originally, this will need siliconed onto the back of your tank!

Will deliver or can be collected from LEEDS.

Also please note the above prices do not include delivery - I can give you a delivery quote depending how you would like the item delivered (1st class, 2nd class parcels, next day etc.....)

Any questions please ask!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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