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i have had experience with aggressive iguanas and the best cause of action to take is leave well alone.
ive never been biten but have been charged and whipped.
the guy who wrote this article seems to have a bee in his bonnet over melissa kaplan lol.
he has wrote a good article and i agree with him to a certain extent but it seems his beef with mellissa kaplan has taken over the article.would of been a really good article if he left his greivences behind whilst typing it out.

i think most iguana owners have come across some sort of aggression from their iggys and im sure not many have been attacked and bitten because we know to stay clear of an aggressive male/female and dont not confront him/her.common sense really.
i always take precautions when dealing with aggressiveness ie:gloves,blankets,and a second person :lol2:

its good that someone has written an article on this but it could have been written slightly better and not tried to put the fear of god into folk and slate mellissa kaplan.:lol2:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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