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I have about 35 different pieces of cork. All different shapes and sizes.

Couple of them are tubular and would make awesome hides. Some small pieces, some medium and some big

Happy to post. I will try keep costs down as low as possible.

Too many photos to post on rfuk but I have photos up on ebay listings.

Ebay search " vivarium cork hide model scenery " and it should come up with some listings and let me know either through rfuk or ebay.

Happy to combine postage to make it cheaper. Happy to mix and match pieces. For example, if you like a piece from one listing and two pieces from another listing - I can group them up and sell like that

Happy for cork to be collected also. Based in SE england not SW. Brighton, East Sussex

Open to sensible offers for bulk buy

Let me know what your requirements are and I'll see what I've got
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