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Hi all

I want a corn snake preferably a baby one, or any up to a year old, for about £20. or for up to £50, Snake with Rub setup and everything(mat, themorstat, thermometer, hide, branches etc) or just the snake and various equipment, as that will help me out. or any other kind of deal like that
Snake will come to a person who is facisnated by snakes (me) and it will have a lot of love, and alot of attention!

I'll consider buying depending on the size, age and location.
my viv is going to be 2ft by 1.5ft so any corn snake that will fit in that.
I'd like one that is unusual in colouring but any will do.
One that is friendly, poops well, sheds well, feeds well.
i will be buying in 2-3 weeks or maybe sooner, depending on when i get the viv brought and sorted.
Any help appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts