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Few corn snakes for sale:

Opals £165
Butters £55
Creams het stripe £40
Amels het stripe £30
(all feeding, had around 10-15 feeds each)

amel zig-zag 2004 female (slightly stumped tail) £45
amel zig-zag 2005 female £50
crimson 2005 male £55
Carolina 2001 male £55
Caramel 2004 het amel male £80
1.0 Butters 05 Serpenco line £100
1.0 normal hurricane motley het butter poss hypo, 2005 £75

Also for sale adult proven (2001,2002 and 2004, between 16-20 babies each time with no more than 2 slugs in each.) pair of Paraguayan Rainbow boas, (E.C.Crassus), male tame, female not so tame but can be handled, female has small scar on nose but has healed nicely, Stunning examples of a very exclusive and rare boa, bred by Chris Mattison and Frank Schofield, have additional 2 year old male for sale if interested (son of this pair).
good to go again after couple years rest.

All snakes feeding on defrost.

Courier available (not for boas though), please done hesitate to email [email protected] or call 01328 878989 and ask for Oliver for more details and pictures.
Located in Norfolk.

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