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snakes for sale.

2x male amel aprox. 2 years old gorgeous snake £35 each
normal corn snake aprox. 3 years old het. amel proven breeder £40
take all 3 for £100
western hognose believed to be female £35
mountain king snake not sure on which sub species male £45
male tri colour honduran, ltc.has old scar tissue on tail, does not effect him in any way.
proven breeder £30
2x royals both good feeders they are cf06 but feeding great. £30 each SOLD
breeding pair of mexican milk snakes offers over £120


female salmon pink brid eater with glass enclosure £35
female tiger rump with plastic enclosure £30

i am open to offer and possible swaps. based in norfolk and collection only im afraid.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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