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due to new landlord we have to drastically reduce our collection so the following are for sale this is not a easy decision for us so no time wasters
we can organise courier for £40
non refundable deposit requierd to hold

Hypo sun kissed female (not gazer tested but proven breeder pro corns was due to test gazer gene next year for us) het lav £100
Male anery het amel hypo motley £40
Female Amel ph lava anery motely £70

Male hypo cinder £100
Male hypo lav het amel £80

Then we have 3 slow ones from last year so small, 3 hypo lavs het sun kissed (from female above) 2 males and 1 female
Males £60 Female £70. All sun kissed for sale are only being sold as we have no choice, we planned on keep all until gazer was tested, and they should be for pet homes only.

Female butter motley £60-70
Female hypo lavender het amel £70-75
Male Anery het amel hypo poss het blood lav
2 females Anery het same as above (these and one above from ant) £150 for trio
Green blotch snow male £50
Female hypo motley £50
Female Plasma £80
Male hypo opal £100
Plasma male £80
Normal stripe het fire hypo lav £80
Blood male '09 £70
Upper keys female het blood hypo ph cinder £80
Hypo Upper keys male same hets as above except the hypo £100
Female Ghost cinder £180
Male and Female Hypo Lav het amel (proven) £200 pair
Upper keys male het anery cinder blood
Hypo upper keys female same hets as above £150 a pair with male above
Amel hurricane unsure of sex £60
Male Ghost????motley £80
Male butter (proven) £70
Male pewter (breeding size) £100
Female caramel motley (proven) £80
Female lav £90
female amel stripe het caramel (proven)

Royals for sale Pastel female 1.595g £800
Cinny male (proven) 1.515g £200
Normal Female 536g £60
Male Spider 341g £200
Female Albino 295g £500

we have to sell all of these and are open to sensible offers pics on request


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female butter motley / female hypo lav het amel / female plasma /female caramel motley (proven)/female lav
all above snakes on hold deposit recieved

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the price in the first post is before discount so 50% off the price listed for corns 20% off the royals
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