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I've a quarter of tiger beetles coming next, week, and whenever possible, and because I keep as display, I like to make the habitat look good.

I am going to use a sub made up of mostly the playsand that someone suggested from Argos. These beetles do not need the viv sprayed, they tend to get most of their fluids from prey, but will drink from bits of orange, if put in.

I have a tank that was sold to be as plastic, but whatever it is made off, it is not plastic, apart from the lid. It is not glass either, but whatever it is, it was not even scratching it, when I tried to melt a hole with a heated screwdriver. The lid at the top has good ventilation though, on three sides of the lid, there are good long gaps, that would strike me would let in more air, than many other vivs etc, that I have seen.

The garden centre close to me is selling small cacti pretty cheap, and while I could use fake plants, were I to plant these in the sub, maybe with some of the dirt they come with attached, do you think they would endure well enough?
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