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Hello again,
(sorry for all the questions)

After a little while to think and some input from the community i have decided to get a crested gecko, I have been doing my research on them and i believe i know enough to be able to keep one happy but i am always keen to lean more.

There are just a few things i would want to make sure i have right before i get one :).


I have looked around and i think i have found the most suitable one "kit" to get what i need for a crested gecko.

Crested Gecko kit

i believe it has everything i need, but if not please let me know. i was thinking about getting a log just for some more climbing space for the gecko,



I also know that they like fruit and insects but i read that you can use a water based mixture (such as this) that you can feed them instead? is this true, I would of course feed it some fruit every so often for verity but i live quite far away from a reptile shop that sells live food so it might be hard for me to get a steady supply. But i will if i have too.

Also do i need to keep a bowl of calcium powder in the viv as with leopard geckos?


As far as my research has shown me i should be keeping my tank at about 22-24 degrees and a little lower at night and around 60-80% humidity by spraying the side of the tank to boost it and also serve as a drink for the gecko.


if any of my information is wrong please let me know, or you have any advice for a first time keeper it would be helpful.

PS: just on a side note, how many times a week should i be feeding a baby/adult gecko? i see its every day for a baby and 3 times a week for adult but i would like to double check :).

Also how many times should i be taking my gecko out and holding him a week and for hold long? i cant find any info on this and some help would be awesome.

lastly, Is the tank included in the kit (30 x 30 x 45cm) big enough for me to hold 2 crested gecko females? and is it advised or should i just stick to one?

Thanks in advance,

sorry for the essay : victory:

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My site (in sig) is still being written, but may have some information that'll interest you. (if you find that there is something missing, then please let me know as I'll put it in also).

I can't get your links to work, but I'm having internet issues tonight and think that may be the problem, not your links!

Best food IMO is either Clark's or Repashy. They're complete foods, so can be used exclusively. Put a milk bottle top's worth in every 2-3 days, more often if it's eaten. You can also feed dusted live food one to two times a week. No dish of calcium required.

I'd personally go for a minimum of the 60x45x45 Exoterra straight away if you want to keep two females.

Temps should be maintained at 26/27C in the hot end of the Viv, allowing a natural gradient. It's not necessary to have a night time drop.

Handling should be kept to a minimum of a few minutes once or twice a day at most, over a soft landing, as they like to jump without warning (and without knowing where they'll land!).

Hope that helps, feel free to ask as many questions as you like!


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That size is o.k for a hatchling or juvi but not a single adult. I would also get a few more plants for them to hide in. I feed my cresties Repashy I put fresh in every other day and dusted live food 2-3 times a week and I feed my little ones and adults the same. I always have calcium powder avalible in a milk lid for my female's.
I hold my gecko's a couple of times a week for about 5-10 mins at a time, I also weight them every week to check how they are doing.

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hi each of my cresties are kept in their own vivs they are 45 x 45 x 60 high
the size in the kit is ok for now but you will need a bigger one at some point i would recomend that you get a bigger one then you would not need to upgrade later
you will need plenty of foliage for it to hide behind
if its a baby then you want kitchen towel as a substrate for a few months
i use milk bottle tops for food and water you could buy a spray bottle anywhere
so to be honest all you need is a 45 x 45 x 60 viv(this would hold two females (well some keep to in them) plenty of foliage , kitchen towel, milk bottle tops , a heat mat , a thermostat,
as for food you will need cgd either repashy or clarkes both can be bough on the internet and live food
cgd neeeds changed every other day and livefood maybe twice a week

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Hey thanks for the reply's guys, I think i have gone off the idea of keeping two as i think 1 would be enough for me,

So you think a 30 x 30 x 45cm is too small for an baby/adult crested gecko? I have found another website which sells a larger kit with a larger viv,


consists of:

Glass Terrarium (60 x 45 x 60cm)
Rainforest Mat
Mat thermostat
Feeding Dish
Water Dish
Soil Substrate
Coco Husk
Jungle Vine (Small)
Jungle Vine (Large)

2x Hanging Plant Fiscus
Analogue Thermometer
Analogue Hygrometer
Pump-Up Sprayer

I am worried that my viv will be quite empty with not enough climbing spots/trees so is it advised i buy more vines and plants as well?
(if someone could advise from the website linked that would be awesome :) )

And with the thermostat should it be placed at the bottom,middle or top of the viv to get an accurate 26/27C reading? and how long do you think i should have my viv set up at temp/humid before i acctualy get a gecko?

Also i am still not clear if i should buy calc powder and leave it in the viv with the gecko or not as one person said no need and another person does use it haha.

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Thermostat should be tapped down to were ever you have the mat e.g bottom of the tank or side.

Leaving a bowl of calcium inside isn't necessary.

That kit is much better and will house 2 adults in. I'd actually recommend you buy juveniles or adults if you want to put them straight into a tank of that size as a hatchling will get completely lost and willfind it very hard to find the food in such a large setup. A well grown on juvenile or adult however will do really well in a setup of that size.

The more climbing area the better however I'd get the kit and set it all up and then you can see how many more branches ect are needed. Although you are going to need more then comes in the kit.

Also I'd recommend feeding the repashy or Clarks diet and putting fresh in every 2 days unless its all getting eaten on the first night. I'd limited live food to 1-2 night a week however repashy and Clarks are a complete diet mix so live food doesn't have to be given at all.

Hope thios helps

Edit: I'd also go for the digital thermometers and hygrometer as the analogue are pretty useless, I'm not sure howmuch your paying for that kit but check out Surrey pet supplies as you may be able to get it cheaper from them buying it separately.

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Hi Im also new,
did a stack of reserch, and with the help from forum members got all i needed!
Little thing seems real happy in the Viv and although he is small and hides away, it pops out at night, and its great to watch!
Make sure you suss out all you need, i wanted to get it right, and not have to be re-buying stuff!


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I would definately recommend a digital thermostat and digital thermometer. To be honest though that kit is quite good for the money! I think that would suit a small crestie quite happily!

As for food, they should be happy on either Repashy or Clarks diet.

Just got a gargoyle myself so not the most experienced keeper here. Just offering what I know from hours of research! :D

Well done on doing your research first I know quite a few people who just rush into animals and it's not fair on them.
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