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I am building a big for my new baby crested geckos, and just want a bit of confirmation I'm doing it right and an outside view to make sure I haven't missed anything silly!

So, I'm building the Viv out of 18mm hard wood plywood, the Viv is going to be 800mm tall, 400mm deep, 400mm wide, and split in the middle to make two 400mm cubes, the middle shelf will be removable so that it can act as two small vivs, or 1 bigger Viv.

It will have sliding doors made of perspex.

Lighting will be LED to reduce heat, as my room is usually on the warmer side anyway.

I will be staining the wood to make it look prettier.

The wood will be sealed with yatch varnish

First question is how many air vents shall I put in? And best places to put them to get appropriate air flow?

With 18mm ply, do I need to make a frame for it to keep it sturdy, or due to the size will it be ok? ( I've read a lot of people with 12mm ply found it a bit unsteady)

I'm sure there are other things but I've forgotten, lets start with that!

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