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Hey guys, I'm also new here but I found it hard to find the information I needed so I hope I can find it here!
My crested gecko of 6.5 years dropped his tail July 2th and I've been monitoring him when it comes to his healing. But I find it very difficult to track what a good healing process it. He is active, alert (though a bit more stress sensitive than what he used to be), eats and poops well. I can still handle him as well, like before. So that has been going well, but the injury currently looks like this (I've attached them as well, they aren't the best photos but a night active creature who likes to walk isn't easy to photograph).

It's dry and clean (but shiny), but you can still see the red of the wound and the point in the middle of where it broke off. He also has some loose shed around it, but it doesn't obstruct anything so I've left if alone for now to not mess with the wound itself. Is this what can be expected for this time in the healing process? How long does it take for the wound to have actual skin grown over it again? I would love to know, this is the first time this happened for me!

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