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Available is my custom vivarium.
it measures 145cm x 60cm x 70cm

it’s made of 24mm structural plywood So very strong. It’s fully lined with several layers of pond shield resin. So will never rot, and fine for tropical species.
The glass is toughened optiwhite low iron glass, so so clearer than standard without the green tint. Wasn’t cheap.
There’s 80-100 litres of Bioactive substrate in it and 30+ litres of drainage layer pellets. Vivarium hasn’t been painted as was tweaking it all, since decided should be made smaller based on where it is, rather than cut it apart will sell it and rebuild to slightly smaller dimensions. Can paint grey or clear oil if needed.

Comes with reptile systems heat guard and bulb holder.
Can include a new (couple of marks from clipping in to test) jungle dawn 51w led for additional. Also have a habitat at fogger I could sell with it as has the hose built into custom background.
All cables route through ducting from cupboard in stand of vivarium and hidden within background.

The stand has a cupboardand a drawer above for tweezers, supplements etc. also has a side drawer that is 80cm long. Used as toy chest currently but handy. Will also put hinges on door to front cupboard this weekend.

£400 ono
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