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Yesterday morning, I noticed that my BD's poop looked a bit more runny than normal. So I call up the vet, they say it's going to be a $56 deposit for the visit. So I say that's fine.

I go over there with the stool, and they test it. Seems that he has some flagella, nothing too serious, but they test for worms as well. No worms. They give him a bit of some meds to kill the flagella.

I go to check out, and they say my bill comes to $133! Doc never said anything about charging me for the tests! The meds, I would understand, but not the tests! AND they kept my $56, which wasn't a "deposit" at all. It was just for the visit.

I would have made a fuss, but I was just so shocked, that I just went and paid it. Now my mum is quite pissed at me.

They DID say my Sammy is quite healthy, apart from the flagella. I suppose that's one good thing out of the lot...
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