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I feel like a kid in a sweet shop, I really do.

Well after a few months of waiting, and trying, and alot of research I have finally convinced my dad to allow me to have a Lizard. (He's the hard one, mum wont mind as long as she doesn’t have to do anything ;)). My only problem is now, which one?

After doing research into a lot of different species three really stick out at me more than others, all looking at me from their pictures with their big lizard eyes going "Pick me, pick me!".

Now this will be my first Rep but that’s not to say I'm inexperienced having done some work experince for my Animal Care course at the local Rep shop and getting the highest grade from my course in "Exotics Husbandry". So personally I feel confident going into this (something I don't normally feel). But my choices are as follows:

A) African Fat Tailed Gecko
B) Crested Gecko
C) Blue Tongued Skink

As you can see, a bit of difference between all the them (especially the Bluey). All of them as I can see have their own different charms, plus sides and down sides. If I had my way, I would have all of them but don't think that will happen somehow.

So what I would like to know is what the good people here think? Anything that you think could help me make this decision, especially if you have/had one of these lizards.

Soooo, many choices...
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