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Just got back from the vets with our Stenodactylus sthenodactylus Dexter.

We took him as he has steadily lost weight over the last couple of months and now weighs a meagre 2.7g from a high in the summer of around 3.6g - a lot for such a little guy.

Here he is anyway (as he used to look):

The vets diagnosis ended up being - there does not seem to be anything wrong with him, no signs of parasitic infection, good bones and bright eyed and lively as expected, just thin - otherwise tip top condition. His girlfriends are fine so a parasitic infection seems unlikely anyway. Worst case scenario is an internal organ failure of some kind but not really anything we can do in that case as he is so tiny.

We have been given some critical care formula - 1 drop a day see if we can build his weight back up - fingers crossed. :thumb:
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