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can somebody tell me what i need to work in a rep shop/exotic pet shops?

i'm getting my national insurance number in a few months so that means ill be able to work? and before i try and apply for zoos, id like to work in an exotic pet shop/rep shop? not just a normal pet shop because i'm pretty sure chester zoo don't keep labradors in huge enclosures :lol2:

anywayyyy.. what will i need if i want to work in one of these?

(going to be posting this in the shelled/exotic mams and dwa section too, already posted in the snake section)
National insurance for 1.
Relevant experience & knowledge, experience in retail and GOOD people skills for a start.
A college degree in animal management always goes down well but not crucial.
Pretty sure to work in a zoo u need to do a zoology course.
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