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halogen lamps are a flood source of light with a range of beam widths :) just to make it even more complicated

Halogen is great! it produces vast amounts of heat per watt in a very quick period of time and even tight beam ones emit over a fairly wide area.

there are differing grades however! you really do get what you pay for. for instance you can get china made halogens that emit heat and light but if you look the ignition system is thinner and the reflector is pained on. This is not efficient in terms of getting all the heat and light forward and they fail quickly.

or if you get European made lamps you will see a very robust ignition system and a thick, rolled metal reflector inside of the lamp. These lamps are much more efficient in terms of making the most of the energy that they use and they last and last and last. I know of many people that have had Arcadia halogens on dimming stats for over 3 years now......bad for business :-( but good for us keepers :)

in terms of output, a good halogen will make the most of the energy that it uses, as such a 50w quality halogen will do a better job (that is produce more heat, quicker) than a 100w tungsten. so less wattage used over a shorter period. double savings.

hope this helps

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