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hey guys, im not sure if any1 wud be interested in this but thought id give it a go and see if any1 wud like their pets drawing. I use my graphics tablet and photoshop to draw these cartoons. Because im drawing the cartoon on the computer you would recieve the image in a .jpeg file instead of on a piece of paper, this doesnt sound much but from this file you can upload it to a site such as Zazzle | Custom T-Shirts, Personalized Gifts, Posters, Art, and more and have your image printed on loads of items such as cards, bags, t-shirts, mouse mats, mugs etc. or you could just put it in your signiature if you wanted.

Ill be charging £10 for a cartoon which for the quality of the cartoons i think is a good price, i will need a £5 deposit upfront as alot of people will just say they want a cartoon just to see what it looks like then just not bother buyin it. if your interested give me a shout:) anyways here are some of the cartoons ive done in the past.


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