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Hi, Ive just come accross this guy who builts wheel carts for disabled dogs and donates them. As if that story wasn't enough, now he is going to share the instructions on how to make them:

"I live in Ft. Worth, Texas and I build and donate these dog wheelchairs. I got into this when my dog became paralyzed from cancer a little over a year ago then I started donating them to anyone who needed them. I then adopted one of my clients who is a 6 month old GSD born with birth defect that does not allow her to walk on her own. So now I have two dogs in chair and would like to spread some of the things I've learned. What I'm looking to do is to teach people that are interested in learning how to build them so they can donate them to needy animals. I just sent one to a rescue in California this week and it really got me to thinking that other people (especially those involved in rescue) should know how to do this. These chairs can mean the difference in getting a dog adopted that has special needs and money could possibly be spent in other areas besides purchasing a expensive wheelchair. I build and donate these and I'm not rich enough to provide everyone who needs one so if i can get people around the country involved we can help a bunch of dogs without going broke. If you have any mechanically inclined people in your group and they have interest contact me whenever you can. I have a good solid design but people can see different things and working together we could one fine little product.

Jerry West"

Here are some pics, he is presently working on creating a video too and a better way of sharing plans.
Flickr: hobby9t's Photostream

If you would like to learn more, the best way is to contact him on facebook:
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