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^pretty sure this one is a willowherb.

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^pretty sure this one is a geum.

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^pretty sure this one is a buddleia.

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^this is herb robert.

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^common ivy. Toxic.

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^ragwort or groundsel top (I struggle to tell them apart without flowers, but either way, both are toxic), dandelion bottom.

I've been on a lot of forager groups and I always end up leaving because people have got such a desperation to try to eat things that they can't identify. If you can't identify common ivy, you've got a long way to go before you can start feeding your tortoise anything you're picking. Common ivy is a really, really easy one, there's nothing you can confuse it with and it's not edible at all.

Start off with dandelion leaves that are smooth (not hairy). That'll be the easiest one to start out foraging for.

Or stick to shop bought salad leaves that are labelled. If you struggle with identifying weeds it's not worth killing a tortoise over.
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