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Well, I did this as a little experiment, it's my first and last ever portrait, so it's not the best in the world, but I wouldn't say bad for a first attempt, it's just completely out of my head, not copied a photo which makes it harder.
I would also like to add, in the picture, the flash really messes up the shading, it makes it look a bit "square" but in the flesh it really isn't, it also doesn't pick up the jaw line underneath the bit of hair going onto her face on the right (as you look at it)... In case anyone wondered what that is lol.
It's on A4 paper, and I am just looking for offers, had a few people tell me what they'd pay, and got quite a mixed result, but nobody made an actual concrete offer, so it's going on here as I need to raise some funds :D
Here's the picture...

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