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I am VERY reluctantly parting with most of my ducks and chickens. I just cannot cope with them being taken by the next thief and would rather place them in nice homes myself.
They are all beautiful birds from last years hatches that I had kept back for showing this year. Most will be laying very soon and all have excellent temperaments and have been regularly wormed, etc.

The chickens are all large fowl not noisy bantams :2thumb:
Cochins. Mostly black as they are my favourites but a lot of mottled carriers and a few very nicely marked mottled birds. I cant obviously let all the hens go without cockerals but only have two very nice cockerals and around 12 hens available. £25 each for hens.
Brahmas. I have only recently bought these gorgeous birds, I've always wanted them !! They are a pale blue Cockeral with two blue hens, one dark and one pale. Then a stunning black cockeral with a splash hen (this will only produce blue offspring) They all live together no problems and would like them to go together if possible. £90 the lot.

I have a few bantams ducks. They are various colours from solid black and white to an apricot and pale blue bibbed. 1 drake (I think) and 4 female(I'm sure) Great little birds, very busy and pretty. £60

These are great birds, they make nowhere near the mess that other breeds do and they make no noise either. They are great layers, brilliant broodies and fantastic bug/fly catchers. I have a gorgeous lavender boy and his seven ladies. Would like to keep them together unless you have other girls to keep him happy. Girls are 2 blue, 1 lavender, 1 chocolate magpie and the rest are solid black or black/white. £100
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