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I VERY reluctantly have to part with all of my ducks and chickens so have available all my birds :sad:
There are 6 Drakes including a solid blue, a blue rippled, a few silver fawn and a chocolate and around 30 Ducks mainly blues, silver fawns, lavenders and blacks. They are all between 1 and 3 years old and absolutely stunning. Ideal pets as very easily tamed, they do not make any noise and have great characters. Fantastic fly/bug/rodent catchers. All from blue and barred/rippled breeding. Would prefer them to go in groups or all together if possible (I know thats unlikely)
They are absolutely stunning birds and must be seen. All just starting to lay and they produced a huge amount of eggs and ducklings last year !!!! Genuine reason for parting with them and they must go to nice homes please.
£60 for a group of 5 ducks and 1 Drake or £300 for the lot.
Come and see them you wont be disappointed.
7 hens. All Cochins (large fowl) and last years hatch. They are 5 blacks, 1 mottled and 1 buff coloured. Really sweet natured birds that make fantastic pets, they lay really well and are fabulous mothers/broodies. £100 for the lot to a lovely home only please
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